6 Jun 2009

The 1st Reunion of Human Traction Workers

This project was supported by the Secretary of Culture of Rio de Janeiro and Barracão Maravilha gallery, Rio, and led by artist Ivan Henriques.

The 1st Reunion of Human Traction took place on June 6th 2009, at Praça Tiradentes (Tiradentes Square), located in the heart of Rio de Janeiro city. A group of city center workers who transport, collect and sort urban residues and waste material, were invited to meet artists and professionals of different areas in order to stage an out of season carnival parade.

The 1st Reunion was a starting point from which a dialogue between these different groups can grow. Following this action GEMA will develop workshops and initiate meetings to discuss the city centre and create alternative solutions to access and mobility.

Text: Ivan Henriques and Joanna Brinton
Camera by Moana Mayall